“Jazz and love the most difficult to explain with a rational point of view” (Mel Tormé)

(the Article in Russian ) On the 5th of November in the Russian community centre there will be a new concert by Innessa — our talented singer from the Sunshine Coast. Innessa will present our viewers with songs from her new album “Love-n-Jazz”. The concert also offers dinner, wine, gifts and surprises. Last year we talked

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On the train…

It’s been a while since I last used public transport. More so, when far from home in the strange densely populated Sydney, with its unfamiliar and, to me, very confusing underground system. I board the train. It is peak hour. Crowds of people barge in. To my surprise I find an empty seat and slump into it hugging my backpack as it settles comfortably on my knees, and begin to do ‘nothing’. I simply sit, looking around, surreptitiously observing

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Death Valley

2009 flashback Today we set off on a trip to Nevada in a new car. In fact the car was old (about 30) and somewhat shabby, but Robbie bought it over the internet without eyeballing it first. The car did not live up to the most unpretentious of expectations, but at least it moved and the doors could be opened and closed. And so, we set off in our new old car from Reno (in the

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  Moving home. It’s huge, it’s unbearably slow, it’s emotionally challenging when you need to sacrifice things that truly important to you, endlessly  making compromises. I’m feeling like a little ant trying to move his anthill  stick by stick. My friend told me that according to some researches moving home is one of the most stressful things in life. Despite all those recent challenges I was doing pretty well balancing between the moving and my

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teddy bear

  In a delirious state after a long day of packing I was driving the car stuffed with guitars, toys, a Xmas tree and other ‘treasures’ back to our new house. Stopped at the red lights behind a little school bus, a boy waving at me through the back window. “Too tired to interact with anyone right now.”- I thought. “That’s ok, I’ll wave back for you” – said an old teddy bear who had

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Calm on the surface, but always paddling like crazy underneath!

  Slowly but surely… big things are happening for me right now. I am changing HOME: my internet home and my physical home – both at the same time. In other words, we are moving to a different area (packing mountains of boxes, cleaning, painting etc).  And I am also re-building my website, from scratch, using new platform. Lots of learning and lots of changes

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