In the past I was somewhat skeptical of such statements as “I cannot live without…” something or someone. Now, more and more often, I catch myself out with the thought that I cannot live without… Music. No matter how trite it may sound. Of course I can exist without music, but to live  – I cannot. Some sort of desert surrounds me when there’s no music in my life. Desert, drought and greyness. The sound of music transforms

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Last night I have experienced a touch of magic… or the power of thought, whatever you call it… We were playing a game with 5 y.o. Lileana. Before throwing a dice she said she wanted to get “SIX”. But she’s got “TWO” instead. I looked at her cunningly, took the dice, gently whispered: “Magic-magic, send me SIX” and threw it. It was SIX. Lilee got upset and impatiently threw the dice. It was only ONE.

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guinea pig

Once upon a time there lived a girl – a guinea pig, called Masha.

She was cheeky like the girl from  “Masha and The Bear,”   only she looked more like The Bear: brown, hairy and a bit clumsy. One day we decided to get her a girlfriend who would keep her a company and fill her days with more fun. The new girl we called Dasha.  Masha and Dasha went along really well. Sometimes I would

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Overnight, yesterday’s thoughts and emotions become covered by a thin layer of dust. If in the morning the true desires and aspirations don’t get some attention, later during the day, they will be crashed under  a load of everyday scurry and the next morning they will be covered with another layer of dust. And thus, the dreams will lie, tarnishing, until soon they will not be distinguish from all the meaningless and endless everyday affairs.

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You know time has stopped for you when, sitting down to plan the week, you open a shabby calendar, and suddenly realize that it is last year’s! You run to a bookstore but cannot even get near a table piled high with new calendars, because it is attacked by a mob of the same forgetful and lost in time people, such as yourself. This time the New Year slipped in quietly, on tiptoe, sat in the corner, and

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Once upon a time there lived a young girl…”

What a lovely fairy tale way to start a concert and what a truly fairy tale concert it was too!

It was Innessa’s clever, thoughtful idea to devise a fairy tale theme that beaded together those songs, like pearls, that are on her new album “Love-n-Jazz”!

The concert “Love-n-Jazz – Dining with Innessa” was excellent and it would

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