Let me share with you one of my proud moments of 2018. 😊 Last year I took a one month course to improve my songwriting in English. During this course, I was forced to sit down and focus on writing on a certain topic as an exercise without worrying what comes out. When I started spending time every day on putting words together I realised I can actually express myself in English! 

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The Tree

Walking in the forest is truly rejuvenating. Blessed quietness interrupted only by a pleasant chirp and the sound of twigs crackling that comes from beneath my feet eases my mind. I stroke a large tree trunk with my palm feeling its rough texture. I open my arms wide and embrace the trunk sensing the warm energy surrounding the woody surface. I stand like that for a while absorbing the calmness emanating from the tree.

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Recently a short horror film “THE BABY WHISPERER”  directed by our Brisbane-based director Sean Gilligan has been accepted into the SCREAMFEST Horror FilmFestival in LA!  It’s world premiere took place in the Chinese Theatre, Hollywood LA on the 15th of October! “How cool is that!” – I thought feeling very happy for the guys. The next thought was: “Hey, I wrote the lyrics for the soundtrack. I should share the news with my subscribers”. Then

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This morning I stepped out of the lifts and saw a pretty butterfly sitting on the wall. I said: “Oh you, poor thing, You spent all night locked in this tiny corridor. Come here I’ll get you out of here.” To my surprise she climbed my finger and happily sat there till I brought her back to our balcony and helped her to take off and fly away. With pleasant satisfaction I took elevator back

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My guitar…

Sometimes I feel that there is a little guitar inside of me, somewhere within the left side of my chest. Various external stimuli pluck and tug at the strings compelling them to vibrate, filling the room, where my soul dwells, with sounds. Sometimes the sounds interweave beautifully, creating a harmony inside me. But occasionally a wild string is struck which then gives off a wolf note that brings on dissonance and irritability. It also happens, that

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Singing, songwriting, recording and performing is only a tiny top of a huge iceberg. There’s so much more to learn and to do (not very music related and not visible to public). I stopped performing to devote myself to studying so I can get a better understanding of the music industry and to have a clearer picture before I embark onto my new musical adventure. Sometimes I feel frustrated for being drawn away

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