It’s been two weeks of my Singing Songwriting Challenge. Well… It’s been a CHALLENGE. It’s been tough. The challenge was not in the singing or songwriting itself, but in the BATTLE against all the odds and different commitments that kept me away from what I love and supposed to be doing. 

It takes time to “catch the right frequency”. Then the moment you finally immerse yourself into the parallel world of words and sounds, you hear the door squeaking and “Papa wants coffee, and I’d like hot chocolate”. Right… Good morning! Time to get everyone ready for the day.Then you try this again after the morning run. Something happens again. You spend a couple of hours connecting everything in your studio. All is working finally, and with the sweet sense of satisfaction, you start recording a song and alarm rings “Pick the kids up!” and so on.

Sometimes I just want to be exiled to a deserted island with only guitar, pen, diary and a recorder, for 2 weeks or so (presuming there’re plenty of bananas and freshwater 🍌🐒😁). 

Last week I was feeling like a real Warrior guarding my territory as much as I could, protecting the little space that I saved for myself, not letting circumstances break into it. ⚔🏹✊ I came to a realisation that a big part of my problem came from not being well equipped to face the “undesired guests”. So yesterday I spend all day learning about weaponry and choosing the best and most effective armour, preparing myself for the Week 3 of my Challenge (in other words, I was re-reading a book about time management, doing lots of writing and brainstorming, choosing best tricks and methods to stay focused and on track). 

This morning I got up at 4 am. ☀️ All armoured and well equipped I confidently walked into my room, lit candles and without any distractions stepped into a beautiful land of songwriting with the help of the magic sounds spilling out of my headphones, irrigating my yet sleepy soul. By 6 am, I finished working on The Song. Hooray! 🎶 

Shall The Week Three of my Singing Songwriting Challenge begin! May the Force be with me. ✊😊🎶

Painting by Andrey Shishkin.

Let me share with you one of my proud moments of 2018. 😊 Last year I took a one month course to improve my songwriting in English. During this course, I was forced to sit down and focus on writing on a certain topic as an exercise without worrying what comes out. When I started spending time every day on putting words together I realised I can actually express myself in English! 
I’ve been doing creative writing in Russian since childhood and I am happy with my abilities to write in my native language but was quite disappointed not being able to express myself in English.
I overcome my fear of sounding silly when contacting my English speaking subscribers and started doing weekly broadcasts to my followers. It feels great being able to connect with my audience. On top of that yesterday I received a message that one of my pieces have been published in our local newspaper Glasshouse Country & Maleny News. I’m happy to get to the level when my writing in English is good enough to be published. Yay! 😃
The story that was published:

beerwah mountain

“Irresistible flash of inspiration flares up lightening me on the inside. I can’t help but follow the sudden calling, turning my vehicle off the everyday path and taking it on a detour. It has just stopped raining, white evaporations are hovering over the wet shimmering asphalt that disappears under the rotating wheels. Fifteen minute drive separates us but I know She is closer than that. I can already sense Her noble presence. Trees are too tall, too dense to see anything behind them yet. But wait, I just caught a glimpse of Her proud strong posture standing still, looming through the tree trunks that are hastily flashing past. My heart races. I’m going to see Her again, absorb Her mighty energy infused with the warmth of a caring mother. In anticipation, I turn off the main road, the trees part, revealing the magnificent view of Mount Beerwah. Here I am at Her feet feeling so tiny and so blessed to stand next to this majestic mountain emitting calmness and peace, turning all my worries into dust picked up by the light wind and spread over the valley. The rustle of leaves, the birds tweeting, the gentle movements of summer wind, the dewy smell of recent rain and resinous pines – all together merge into a beautiful music. Music of my soul.” 🌄