Let me share with you one of my proud moments of 2018. 😊 Last year I took a one month course to improve my songwriting in English. During this course, I was forced to sit down and focus on writing on a certain topic as an exercise without worrying what comes out. When I started spending time every day on putting words together I realised I can actually express myself in English! 
I’ve been doing creative writing in Russian since childhood and I am happy with my abilities to write in my native language but was quite disappointed not being able to express myself in English.
I overcome my fear of sounding silly when contacting my English speaking subscribers and started doing weekly broadcasts to my followers. It feels great being able to connect with my audience. On top of that yesterday I received a message that one of my pieces have been published in our local newspaper Glasshouse Country & Maleny News. I’m happy to get to the level when my writing in English is good enough to be published. Yay! 😃
The story that was published:

beerwah mountain

“Irresistible flash of inspiration flares up lightening me on the inside. I can’t help but follow the sudden calling, turning my vehicle off the everyday path and taking it on a detour. It has just stopped raining, white evaporations are hovering over the wet shimmering asphalt that disappears under the rotating wheels. Fifteen minute drive separates us but I know She is closer than that. I can already sense Her noble presence. Trees are too tall, too dense to see anything behind them yet. But wait, I just caught a glimpse of Her proud strong posture standing still, looming through the tree trunks that are hastily flashing past. My heart races. I’m going to see Her again, absorb Her mighty energy infused with the warmth of a caring mother. In anticipation, I turn off the main road, the trees part, revealing the magnificent view of Mount Beerwah. Here I am at Her feet feeling so tiny and so blessed to stand next to this majestic mountain emitting calmness and peace, turning all my worries into dust picked up by the light wind and spread over the valley. The rustle of leaves, the birds tweeting, the gentle movements of summer wind, the dewy smell of recent rain and resinous pines – all together merge into a beautiful music. Music of my soul.” 🌄

“Once upon a time there lived a young girl…”

What a lovely fairy tale way to start a concert and what a truly fairy tale concert it was too!

It was Innessa’s clever, thoughtful idea to devise a fairy tale theme that beaded together those songs, like pearls, that are on her new album “Love-n-Jazz”!

The concert “Love-n-Jazz – Dining with Innessa” was excellent and it would be easy to run out of superlatives in describing all it entailed – singing, band, atmosphere, food, attire and prizes!

Dining with Innessa

The songs or “Pearls” were timeless jazz favourites all strung seamlessly together with the dialogue and poem quotations of a love story theme (as mentioned already); all sung beautifully in Innessa’s superb, sonorous singing style! I love Innessa’s singing and stage presence and can truly say that I have not heard a better rendition of “Cry me a river” and “How Insensitive” nor a better version of “Tennessee Waltz”!

The band presented the audience with a professional polished performance as a befitting accompaniment to Innessa’s experienced and commanding stage presence!

One could not wish a better atmosphere at the QRCC on that night!

It ranged from spontaneous enthusiastic applause after Inness’s every performance to a boisterous hubbub of convivial conversations before the concert and during intermissions in both Russian and English languages. The kind of relaxed uninhibited conversations that come from people knowing each other or getting to know each other in friendly surroundings – lots of smiles and laughter!

Food was of a standard well above that which one would expect in good restaurants!

The advertising flyers promised a sophisticated dinner and so it was.

The concert-goers were well catered for well before the concert started. There was a plethora of platters of high quality food and delicacies not to mention hot dishes during the intermission after the main concert before Innessa pressed on with the second phase of her concert of more songs and dance music.

The advertising flyers also urged the concert goers to dress in retro and promised a special prize for the best retro outfit of the night.

Innessa looked very elegant, poised and relaxed in her retro attire.

Some of the attendees did appear in retro but it would have been better if more people had come in retro attire as well..

The drawing of lucky
door prizes (over fifteen hundred dollars’ worth) brought lots of laughter and applause to the whole hall. The prize presenter was in great form carrying off the presentation with light hearted ease and all of the prize winners were delighted with their wins.

But that was not the end of this excellent, memorable concert – the music and the dancing carried on into the night drawing the happy attendees along.




Review by Ivan Renatovich

Photo by Julia Perova and LiliPhoto


“Jazz and love the most difficult to explain with a rational point of view” (Mel Tormé)

(the Article in Russian  http://www.unification.com.au/articles/read/3462/ )

On the 5th of November in the Russian community centre there will be a new concert by Innessa — our talented singer from the Sunshine Coast. Innessa will present our viewers with songs from her new album “Love-n-Jazz”. The concert also offers dinner, wine, gifts and surprises.

Last year we talked about a joint folklore concert by Innessa and Anastasiya, which took place with great success in a Multicultural Centre of Queensland.
For several years Innessa has taken an active part in the folk festivals and concerts, also performing in QRCC.
A Jazz album with popular nostalgic English and Spanish songs has become the new creative experiment for Innessa. She kindly agreed to tell the readers of the newspaper “Unification”
about her new concert and CD release – “Love-n-Jazz”.

– Good day, Innessa! Tell us please about your new concert. As I understand it, it will not have songs from Russian folklore but will have popular English songs from past years?

– I will start at the beginning. Just recently, in August I released my new album titled “Love-n-Jazz” which contained the widely known jazz compositions loved by everyone.
Work on this album started way back in December 2015 and only after eight months came the long awaited release.
To celebrate this event, I, together with the Queensland Russian Community Centre, decided to organise a beautiful jazz evening with a gourmet dinner, wine, gifts and surprises.
This event will be held on the 5th of November at the Queensland Russian Community Centre, 19 Lotus Street, Woolloongabba, Brisbane.

– Why did you select these particular songs for your new album?

– It happened somewhat spontaneously. I love listening to jazz. For a long time I performed jazz tunes, working as a singer in Russia and abroad.
Once an admirer of my work asked me why I still haven’t recorded a jazz album. I laughed, and then began to think: “why not?”
I decided to go easy at first and quickly recorded an album of duets (guitar/vocals), but, as often happens with me, I became very inspired and could not apply the “brakes” in time. The result was that a full ensemble became involved in playing on the recording and the whole process took much longer than I originally planned. But I am very happy with the result.

– Who helped you in the recording of the new album and photographs for the cover? Our local Russian-speaking musicians and photographers?

– The album initially involved two guitarists: Sam Shepherd and Michael Gurski. But then I decided to turn to Andrei Karachun (Misha’s friend), who lives in Ukraine, and with whom we have already co-operated successfully and remotely in the past. Andrew, who has his own Studio, was very inspired and attracted some talented musicians as well. So we, being on different continents, recorded the album “Love-n-Jazz”.
The cover for the album I definitely wanted to be retro. I was very pleased to meet with Olga Hilton, who specializes in vintage-style photo shoots. It was she who helped me to create the desired image and the cover design.

-What style of music do you prefer: folk, classical, jazz, pop or rock? You love the retro style?

– Oh, retro is my weakness! I always loved listening to and performing the good old timeless songs!
I also really love to watch old movies. That’s why I really wanted to make this album, despite the fact that it is not the top priority among my musical projects.
As regards preferences, I felt that, at this stage, I am somewhat torn between folk and alternative directions. So I decided on an experiment by combining together these two styles:traditional folklore and alternative pop. The first single of this style is already due for release in October of this year!

-Are you going to continue to sing and record Russian folk songs? What are your plans for the coming year?

— Yes, I plan to continue to expand the folk repertoire. In Australia there are a number of multinational festivals, which welcome the traditional folklore of various nations.
Last year I became a member of a very large folk festival – “Woodford Folk Festival”, where I performed not only a Russian folk program, but also held a dance class for the local audience. I was struck by the number of people who came to learn Russian dance. It was an unforgettable experience of positive energy and the unity that filled the dance hall!

This year, I devoted a lot of time recording albums and also to teaching myself management and marketing, in the field of music. I release three singles in the alternative style, my first video clip and  another folk album, after which I will put into practice all of my newly acquired knowledge to organize the concerts.
I started a blog in English and Russian, where I share feelings, impressions and news.
So come and check me out at  www.innessamusic.com and subscribe to my mailing list to be kept informed of the release of any new music and new concerts.

-How do you manage to find time for concerts and to record albums, being the mum of two small children? What do you dream about in your free time, if it ever happens?

– What helps me is “time management”, which I started over a year ago. The most powerful tools for me became:  delegating  and saying “No” to many things to be able to say “YES” to what really matters to me.  I realized that if you try to do everything yourself, and indiscriminately implement every idea that arises, you will not get far. You need to very clearly define the “final destination”, to carefully choose the route and, when it’s possible, to delegate some responsibilities to the professionals and enthusiastic helpers.
But as for my dreams – I dream of a foaming bath in broad daylight, when no one is at home, watch a movie and read a good book. But when you need to take care not only of yourself but also of two “little people” and all in a 24 hour day, there is not much time left for lying around…

— What inspires and encourages you in life and in creativity?

— Changes inspire me; new twists in life, reading wise books, music, travelling, meeting new people, new opportunities, success big and small, new goals. And also I find it inspiring when I inspire someone else.

— Where can one purchase your new song album?

My new CD can be purchased in Russian stores in Brisbane: “Ruski Way Deli” (Woolloongabba) and “Euro Delicious” (Upper Mt Gravatt), and you can also order or download the album on my website –www.innessamusic.com

– What other concerts are in your immediate plans?

– This year I have only 2 concerts planned: Jazz evening at the Russian Centre on the 5th of November and another concert with my folk program on 10th of December in «Studio 188» (Ipswich), with the full band. The rest of the time I would like to dedicate to studio work. Details about the upcoming concerts can be found on my website and on Facebook www.facebook.com/innessa.news

– Thanks for the interview, Innessa, and we wish you great success in your work!

We invite all lovers of Innessa’s music to the concert to be held at 6:00 pm on Saturday 5 November this year, at the QRCC Hall in Brisbane at 19 Lotus St, Woolloongabba.
In the concert “Love-n-Jazz – Dining with Innessa” there will be the presentation of Innessa’s new album, as well as a gourmet dinner, wine, gifts and surprises!

Come dressed in retro style!

For more information and to book tickets please contact the QRCC,
Or to this site:  https://goo.gl/rV4dLa


Svetlana Flinn

(translated by Ivan Renatovich)

the source http://www.unification.com.au/articles/read/3462/Artwork